Your Regency Celebration Ceremony

If you are starting, going through,

or in menopause,

claim your Regency Power

by marking this rite of passage

with your own, personalized, celebration ceremony! 

  • You choose the date and invite your Tribe.
  • We create a meaningful, ceremony together.
  • We come to you and help coordinate the event.
  • We perform the ceremony for you. It is a once-in-a-lifetime unforgettable experience!

"A Regent woman has sovereignty, or the desire for sovereignty, over herself and her life; she is dynamic and active. A Regent woman can lead, administrate and make decisions for herself. She may have been at home caring for children and family, immersed in a career or both. She is not removed from the activity of day-to-day living; she lives as a creatrix of the divine in the world, striving to embody her potential. She is making choices that are hers alone to make, about who she will become, what she will do, and how she will pursue fulfillment in this new phase of life." A. Slominski                                                                  

As each Celebration is unique, pricing is customized, please email or call for a quote.