Perimenopause, Midlife & Menopause Coaching

Working together we identify your challenges, goals, and passions, in all aspects of your life. What do you want to change? Who do you want to be? What do you want to do? Using the unique MidlifeRe-Boot! Method, based on your life story and personal myth, we work together creatively, to re-member and re-discover your True North. We identify your personal myths and discern which ones to take with you in this new stage of your journey and which ones may have outlived their usefulness. We chart a new course, lay the foundations, create an action template and use it to move you forward into your next chapters. (6 and 12-month packages available.)

6-Week Workshops
These group workshops meet once weekly and explore in depth your personal myth, your life story, re-collecting the past, acknowledging the present and beginning to write your next chapters. Minimum of 6 and a maximum of 10 women. 
Group Retreats

Whether you schedule a weekend or a full week, you gather a group of friends, colleagues or organizational members for your retreat, we will tailor the program to your needs. Contact us for details. Minimum of 8, and a maximum of 24 women. 

Introductory Seminars
Learn that aging is not a disease, why many women hit their stride after 40, 50, or even 60, and how midlife can be the most exciting and creative time of your life! Find out how your story and personal myth affects everything you do and think, and begin to change your life. These seminars include interactive group exercises, creative writing, and can be designed to include a creative, take-home project. (Additional cost) Maximum attendance 48 women. 3.5 hours.

The Myths of Midlife

For an inspiring group meeting, or keynote address, I share the myths about women, and midlife and where our real power lies. Included are research findings regarding the evolution of Western Women and their potential to embody transformative global leadership in the 21st century. Touching on the subjects of aging, society and media's false images, I reveal how at midlife we have the perspective from the mountaintop that allows us to write our new story.