Live Your Moments!


     Sometimes life gets away from me. I try to grab the liminal, mystical, transcendent moments and miss them. Recently, my days fly by like minutes and the years fly by like days.Trying to squeeze as much out of time as I can, sometimes I miss what I'm trying to find. Moments come and go in an instant, the family photo opportunity, the last minute visitors, or the unplanned trip disappear like morning mist, without proper recognition.

     Now, I am in the middle of one of those moments. I have had some time to think about this one and plan for it, in my mind, heart, and soul. My oldest child, Gabi is coming home to live for a month, or two or more. After being away at school for 7 years, graduating from law school and taking the CA State Bar, she is moving home while she plans her next move. My two younger kids are at home too, working and planning their next moves, I'm working on my Ph.D. and planning my next move, and my husband is considering his options. We are all in flux, on the edge of the misty future.

     It occurred to me, like a flash of insight, that this might be the last time we all live together under the same roof. All the implications of this realization took my breath away; Independence, freedom, fear, joy, sadness, excitement, apprehension, beginning, ending, youth, old age and much, much more. This liminal space, this familial right of passage, this mythic idea of time together, has the potential to be a celebration of each individual and of our family, warts and all. I am going to mindfully try to be present for each and every moment and make it a time of love, laughter, celebration, connection, and unconditional support. I'm not letting this one get away, I may not get another chance.

     What have you been missing in the hustle-bustle of this crazy year?


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