Happy May Day!




It's the Merry Month of May!


May 1st has a long and varied history of revelry and merry making.


From across Europe and the British Isles this day was cause for celebration. It was the annual welcoming of summer, with the new greening of the wood, the planting and growth of new crops and the turning once again of the seasons to gentler, warmer, breezes.


The  Ancient English, Scottish, Irish Celtic, Northern European, German, Norse, and Eastern European traditions all have May Day traditions. 

The Iron Age Irish celebrating Beltane would build two enormous bon fires and drive the cattle between them to protect them from disease. The ashes of the fires would be spread on the fields to ensure a healthy 

and generous harvest. I can only imagine the music, dance, and excitement, as young lads jumped through the towering flames.


The tradition of the May Pole has is origins in a muddled past. Some say it is a metaphor of the Axis Mundi, the center of the world, for each village that dances around it. Others say it stands for the tree of life or the universal tree, Yggdrasil, in Norse Mythology. Whatever you want to celebrate, it is a time to rejoice in the return of the sun, the warmth, flowers,


tree blossoms, and the fertility of theearth. 


It is the season of love, renewal and  romance! So grab a mug of ale, a glass of mead or a tumbler sparkling water and toast the return of Summer! Like our  ancestors we have survived the winter of our discontent. The snows are gone or going. The evenings are lingering and love whispers once more in our ears!

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