Conferences and Papers











2018 International Conference for the Association for the Study of Women and Mythology


"Morgan Le Fey Symbolism in Arthurian Romances: The Great Goddess and The Queen of Nature"  Paper.

Las Vegas, NV March 16, 2018


2018 Women's Conference at College of the Canyons

Break Out Session, "Regency” The New Life Stage of Women 45-70+
We are Claiming our Sovereignty and Changing the World"

Santa Clarita, CA March 17, 2018



Popular Culture Association, American Culture Association

National Conference, San Diego, CA April 12-15th, 2017

"Gaia and Humanity: Co-creators of the New Mythos in a Future Transformed by Climate Change"

by Andrea Slominski

American Academy of Religions, Western Region Region Annual 2017 Conference

University of the West, Rosemead, CA

March 17-19, 2017

"Eco-Dreaming A New Mythos: Polytheism’s Inevitability for Human Survival in a Post- Climate Change World"


Popular Culture Association, American Culture Association National Conference, 2016 Paper, “The Evolving Goddess: Maiden, Mother, Regent, Crone.”




"Between Journal": The Undertow 2016, Poetry


"Depth Psychology And the Digital Age."  The Heroine’s Journey, Depth Insights Press 2016, Poetry


Santa Clarita Gazette, Weekly Opinion columnist, 2016.


"Between Journal: Beyond" - The Victory of Sisyphus, Play Script, 2015